Why Choose Goldfried Law

Goldfried Law is an employment and collaborative family law firm that adheres to the philosophy that most problems can be prevented and for those that cannot, there is always a solution. It is simply a matter of finding the appropriate one. We take the time to listen and to craft customized solutions.

  • We aim to achieve the best possible results for you while providing you with outstanding customer service.  

  • We care. We can be relied upon to treat you with sensitivity, patience and respect.

  • We communicate in a clear and concise manner and we are skilled at translating legal issues into terms that are easily understood.

  • We listen. We encourage you to keep us apprised of what is going on so that we are better able to provide customized service and solutions.

  • We are reachable. We return telephone calls and emails in a timely fashion.

  • We keep you in the loop with regular updates and we encourage you to provide us with any new information about your matter.

  • We never make decisions on your behalf without your consent.

  • We are cost conscious. We try to handle your matter in the most cost efficient manner.